Terza Stagione

E' questione di tempo

Artist: The Dixie Chicks
Song: "Lullaby"

Artist: Tegan & Sara
Song: "take me anywhere"

Artist: Sleeping at last 
Song: "Quicksand"

Artist: Emiliana Torrini
Song: "Nothing brings me down"

Artist: Gnars Barkley
Song: "Gone daddy done"

Artist: Grant Lee Philips
Song: "Under the milky way"


Artist: Moloko
Song: "The time is now"

Artist: Mat Kearney
Song: "Crashing down"

Artist: The Chalets
Song: "Theme from chalets"

Artist: Bittersweet
Song: "The mating game"

Artist: Jesus Jackson
Song: "Running on sunshine

Artist: Snow Patrol
Song: "Open your eyes"

Artist: Mat Kearney
Song: "All I need"


Artist: Outkast
Song: "Idlewilde blue"

Artist: Lilly Allen
Song: "Take what you take"

Artist: The pipettes
Song: "Dirty mind"

Artist: The Bamboos
Song: "Step it up"

Artist: The poems
Song: "Ballad of a bitter end"

Artist: Joe Purdy
Song: "Can't get it right today"

Ciò che siamo

Artist: Camera Obscura
Song: "If looks could kill"

Artist: The Gossip
Song: "Standing in the way of control"

Artist: Au revoir Simone
Song: "Back in time"

Artist: Kate Havnevik
Song: "So-lo"

Artist: Tv on the radi
Song: "Province"

Artist: Mindy Smith
Song: "Fall for nothing"

Sensi di colpa

Artist: Nellie McKay
Song: "Clonie"

Artist: Kate Havnevik
Song: "Kaleidoscope"

Artist:The second band
Song: "wild is in the wind"

Artist: Fionn Regan
Song: "Be good or be gone"

Artist: Keisha White
Song: "Don't Mistake Me"

Questione d'impegno

Artist: Teddy Bears
Song: "Cobrastyle"

Artist: Jim Noir
Song: "My patch"

Artist: Peter Bjorn & John
Song: "Young folks"

Artist: Gomez
Song: "Notice"

Artist: Vega 4
Song: "Life is beautiful"

Un nuovo inizio

Song: “Think I’m In Love”

Artist:Jim Noir
Song: “Tell Me What To Do”

Artist:Luke Temple
Song: “Make Right With You”

Artist:Inara George
Song: “Greedy”

Artist:The Jealous Girlfriends
Song: “Something In The Water”

Artist:Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys
Song: “It’s Time”

Artist:Brett Dennen,
Song: “There Is So Much More”

Artist:Bedouin Soundclash
Song: “12:59 Lullaby”

Artist:Bill Ricchini
Song: “A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door”

Guardando il sole

Artist:Lily Allen
Song: “Not Big”

Artist:Get Set Go
Song:“Everybody Get Movin’”

Artist:The Watson Twins
Song: “Time of My Life”

Artist:Mat Kearney
Song: “Where We Gonna Go From Here”

Artist:Ingrid Michaelson
Song: “Breakable”

Artist:Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey)
Song: “God Bless the Child”

Sussurri e grida

Artist:The Dears
Song: “You And I Are A Gang of Losers”

Artist:Damien Rice
Song: “9 Crimes”

Artist:Kate Havnevik
Song: “New Day”

Non starmi così vicino

Artist:Anya Marina
Song: “Sociopath”

Artist:John Legend
Song: “Show Me”

Artist:Son Volt
Song: “World Waits For You”

Sei giorni parte I

Artist:The Research
Song: “Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same”

Artist:William Fitzsimmons
Song: “Passion Play”

Artist:Emiliana Torrini
Song: “Beggars Prayer (demo)”

Artist:Michelle Featherstone
Song: “Rest Of My Life”

Song: “Love Will Come Through”

Sei giorni parte II

Artist: OK Go
Song: “Here It Goes Again”

Artist: Regina Spektor
Song: “Fidelity”

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Song: “The Way That I Am”

Artist: Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
Song: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Artist: Gary Jules
Song: “Falling Awake”

Artist: The Slip
Song: “Life in Disguise”


Artist: Lily Frost
Song: “Enchantment”

Artist: Umbrellas
Song: “Ships”

Artist: Skye,
Song: “Love Show”

Desideri e speranze

Song: “Runaway” feat. Psapp

Artist: Beck
Song: “Elevator Music”

Artist: Miho Hatori
Song: “Barracuda”

Artist: Iain Archer
Song: “Canal Song”

Artist:Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
Song: “Believer”

Artist:The Whitest Boy Alive
Song: “Fireworks”

Camminare sull'acqua

Artist: Radio Citizen
Song: “The Hop”

Artist:Union of Knives
Song: “Opposite Direction”

Artist: 8MM
Song: “Liar”

Artist:Snow Patrol
Song: “Make This Go On Forever”

Annegare sulla terra ferma

Artist:Butterfly Boucher
Song: “A Bitter Song”

Artist:Kate Havnevik
Song: “Timeless”

Artist:Patrick Watson
Song: “The Great Escape”

Una specie di miracolo

Song: “The Lake”

Artist:Damien Rice
Song: “Sleep Don’t Weep”

Artist:Unkle Bob
Song: “Swans”

Vecchie ferite

Song: “Come To Me”

Artist: Gomez
Song: “Girlshapedlovedrug”

Song: “Hi”

Artist:Wild Sweet Orange
Song “Land Of No Return”

Artist: Anya Marina
Song: “Move You”

Lo sbaglio che preferisco

1. Mirah, “La Familia”

2. Alamo Race Track, “Black Cat John Brown”

3. Adam Merrin, “Still Alright”

4. Let’s Go Sailing, “All I Want From You Is Love”

5. Let’s Go Sailing, “Sideways”

Attimo dopo attimo

Artist:Amy Winehouse
Song:“You Know I’m No Good”

Artist:The Whitest Boy Alive
Song: “Burning”

Artist:Nouvelle Vague
Song: “Dancing With Myself”

Artist:Maria Taylor
Song: “Clean Getaway”

Artist:Lullaby Baxter
Song: “Fontana Fontaine”

Artist: Maria Taylor
Song: “A Good Start”


Artist:The Reddmen
Song: “The Secrets of Amanda Prine”

Artist:Let’s Go Sailing
Song “Better Off”

Artist:The Bird & The Bee
Song: “Again & Again”

Song: “Nausea”

Artist:Anna Waronker
Song: “How Am I Doing”

L'altro lato della nostra vita I - II

Artist :Feist
Song: “Sealion”

Artist:The Mary Onettes
Song: “Lost”

Artist:The Broken West
Song: “Down In The Valley”

Artist:The Switches
Song: “Message From Yuz”

Artist:The Rosewood Thieves
Song: “Los Angeles”

Artist: Jem
Song: “California Sun”

Artist: The Adored
Song: “Not Having It”

Artist: Brandi Carlile
Song: “Turpentine”

Il giorno degli esami

Artist:Let’s Go Sailing
Song: “This Rope Is Long”

Artist: Amy Winehouse
Song: “Wake Up Alone”

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Song: “Corner Of Your Heart”

Artist: The Weather Machines
Song: “Stains Of Saints”

Artist: Paolo Nutini
Song: “Million Faces”

Nuove scelte

Artist:The Jealous Girlfriends
Song: “Roboxula”

Artist:Grace Potter
Song: “Falling Or Flying”

Artist:Ray Lamontagne
Song: “Hold You In My Arms”

Song: “Closer”

Artist:Ray Lamontagne
Song: “Within You”

Artist:The Hereafter
Song: “Eulogy”

Artist:The Mary Onettes
Song: “Explosions”

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Song: “Keep Breathing”